YP? Why P(hotography)?

I was 6 years old when I got my first camera. My father gave it to me to photograph animals at the zoo. After only a couple of hours, I shot the whole camera roll. That camera and me became inseparable ever since.

This interest was fed through the years. We had a doka at home and it was pure magic how white paper came to life, just by adding the right chemicals.

The digital era spiced things up even more.

No limits, no boundaries.

© Quinta Foubert

Traveling and exploring pushed me towards the need of creating better and sharper pictures. I bought my first reflex camera which made me go even further.

I captured life around me: dancing, traveling, people. My moments & memories, but also those of others.

Several courses later, it became my profession and Yellow Photography was born. What has been my passion throughout life, is all I want to share with you. So you can keep your moments & memories too.

From 2015 to 2017 I successfully graduated from several photography courses at CVA, Gentbrugge: portrait, studio, landscape & architecture, reporting.

I also followed workshops 'how to use filters' by Marnix Van Marcke and I still keep myself up to date following new workshops.

In 2017 I started professionally as a freelance photographer. My main goals are weddings, events (dance, workshops, openings, receptions...) and I have my own portable studio with several light options and backgrounds.

Every event is different and you are what counts. So contact me to discuss what you want out of your day. I offer several packages as well as custom made options.

Pics from left to right by Khalid Jalli (1), D Van Paemel (2, 6), David Dhaen (3, 7, 8), Karolina Winiarek (4), Karin Bosman (5)